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Jim Hendrixson, Broker
517 Bank Street
Wallace, ID 83873
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Cell Phone     208-512-1294
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  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Title Companies
    • First American Title of Shoshone County
      415 Seventh Street, #1
      Wallace, ID 83873
      (208) 556-1104
    • Alliance Title & Escrow
      412 Cedar Street
      PO Box 1287
      Wallace, ID 83873
      (208) 752-1167 -- (800)355-8789 -- fax (208)752-3461
  • Silver Valley Economic Development Corporation
  • Utility Companies
  • Northern Idaho's Silver Valley
         Four Season Mountain Recreation Paradise:
    two ski resorts, two long bike trails, a dozen alpine lakes, bountiful wildlife and backcountry solitude, all existing in harmony with 125 years of mining history and legend
2011/2012 Ski Season Snowfall Log for both Ski Areas
A crude measure of each previous season is given by the maximum snow depth recorded at Lookout Pass's summit.
2001/2002 Snowfall Log
2002/2003 Snowfall Log
2003/2004 Snowfall Log
2004/2005 Snowfall Log
2005/2006 Snowfall Log
2006/2007 Snowfall Log
2007/2008 Snowfall Log
2008/2009 Snowfall Log
2009/2010 Snowfall Log
2010/2011 Snowfall Log
The current weather on Mullan Pass, elevation 6029 feet.
the current weather at Lookout Pass, click for more info
This backcountry pass is on the Montana-Idaho divide, next to Lookout Pass, elevation 4725', where Interstate 90 joins Boston and Seattle. The entrance to Lookout Pass Ski Area is at Exit 0.
Current view of I-90 traffic at Exit 0, looking northwest.
camera facing northwest -- click to enlarge image
The Mullan Trailhead of the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes is six miles further to the west at an elevation of 3250 feet.
the current weather at Coeur d'Alene, click for more info
The current weather on Lake Coeur d'Alene, elevation 2127'. This beautiful lake is beside you from Harrison to Heyburn State Park as you ride the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes.
Pacific Northwest Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image
               --  click to see more weather info
Click to see more satellite images and current regional weather.
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